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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magic of Myths?

Magic of Myths is a fantasy based graphic novel series by writer Corey Brotherson and artist Sergio Calvet. It covers the topics and themes of fantasy vs reality, myth, mythology, the concept of gods/creation, perception vs reality and other, weird and wonderful things. The site launched on May 1st, 2010, with the first full graphic novel, Magic of Myths: season one becoming available on 1st May 2011 and Magic of Myths: season two released on 26th July 2013.

Come on, give a little more than that… what’s it about?

Well, it’s about a young lady called Eve, who’s trapped in a strange fantasy world and – like any good mythological hero – she has to complete five trials to escape it. She’s armed with magical armour that can create weapons on demand (as long as they can be held and don’t require projectiles) and is guided by a bizarre looking creature called Tinkantankerous. Or, as Eve likes to call him, “Tink”. To wind him up.

Where did Magic of Myths come from?

MoM’s humble beginnings trace all the way back to 2003. It was originally a series pitch idea from Brotherson’s brain for Marvel’s then creator owned publishing line, Epic Comics (along with a Silver Surfer and Sleepwalker story). Sadly, Magic of Myths had barely reached a first 22 page issue and plot draft before Epic Comics was killed by Marvel, leaving Brotherson with an addition to his growing ‘writing project drawer’.

MoM was given life again by Futurius Comics in 2008, when its publisher/owner Daniel Lundie, handpicked Brotherson and Calvet for an anthology comic book project series. While that didn’t come to full fruition, Brotherson and Calvet clicked on Magic of Myths and was convinced by Lundie (with kind words, encouragement and booze laden cake) to finish and publish it.

Cackling like witches on moonshine, Brotherson and Calvet put together the plans to get MoM into the public, which finally led to here.

How long will Magic of Myths run for?

Magic of Myths: season one consists of five main issues, with a special sixth issue at the end, which acts as an epilogue giving you a goodbye to the first season of the series and answering some of the questions established in the story while posing a few more. Following seasons (final number to be revealed) are in a more traditional story format.

Can I read a sample?

You can! Issue one, two and three are available to read for free by clicking here. Issue four, five and six are available in one entire book (along with the first three issues) called Magic of Myths: season one. You can buy it from retailers and online shops now – click here to find out more. You can sample season two by clicking here.

Why is each issue in the season one sample only five pages?

In tried and tested weekly British comic book style, the five page story format is quick to read, accessible and requires less commitment to enjoy. We’re aware that in this age of competing entertainment, there’s less and less time to jump into a new series, created by relatively new creators, especially in the comic book medium.

So Magic of Myths: season one is designed to let you dip in and get a taste with minimum effort, with the first three issues completely free. Each issue is effectively stand-alone, so you don’t even have to start reading from Issue one to get a basic idea of what the series is about (although if you’re reading this, it’s probably a moot point), however, if you read the whole thing in order you’ll get an overarching continuing story.

What’s next for Magic of Myths?

With two successful spin-offs (to date), two mini-stories, multiple combined editions, Magic of Myths is still going strong – the story continues…

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