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Who are we?

“There are five deadly trials, Miss Eve. When you complete all five, you will be returned to your world…”

Magic of Myths is a fantasy-adventure series by Corey Brotherson and Sergio Calvet, where worlds of myth collide to create an utterly life changing quest for one tortured soul…

…life changing, yet strangely familiar…


The creators

Sergio Calvet is a librarian from Barcelona that needs to work too as a cartoonist and graphic designer just to keep his brain alive and working. Aside from SkyJack and the Forty Thieves, Sergio is frequent contributor to Drew Edwards’ Halloween Man and Mike Murphy’s Nothing Ever Lasts (NEL). His work can also be found in the Daniel Lundie’s Tales from the Plex anthology.

Corey Brotherson is a Birmingham based writer and lead narrative designer for Silver Rain Games, who’s been creating content for the games industry on a whole since 2000. As well as Magic of Myths, he’s co-created/written several shorts for Daniel Lundie’s Tales from the Plex anthology (Bad Luck Inc., L33tspeak, A Twilight’s Promise) as well as stories for several other anthologies, including Bayou Arcana Volume One: Songs of Loss and Redemption (Irons in the Fire) and Unseen Shadows: Tales of the Forgotten (Stolen and Fight or Flight). He is also the adapting graphic novel writer and editor of transmedia property, Clockwork Watch.

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