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If by Magic… #1 May 1, 2010

Posted by cbrotherson in Introductions.

Welcome to the launch of Magic of Myths – a new fantasy miniseries.

Yes, we’ve launched the same day as Free Comic Book Day, as the first three issues (an issue every 1st of the next two months) will be entirely free to read here. Of course, there will be extras and goodies to enjoy as well, so make sure you subscribe to this site to keep up to date, and spread the word.

So, what do we have for you?

– Well, the first issue of Magic of Myths can be read here: https://magicofmyths.wordpress.com/issue-1/. Once you’ve read it, why not leave a comment and let us know what you think?

– If you’ve not read them yet, you can read the two part series foreword, here and here.

– If you want a quick rundown of the series and its creators, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page. If there’s something else you want answered, then leave a question in a comments section and we’ll answer it as soon as we can.

Expect more posts between now and Issue two (1st June).

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy Magic of Myths.


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