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Free Comic Book Day! May 7, 2011

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Free Comic Book Day is that magical first Saturday in May each year when participating comic book shops across the world give away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into their stores. It’s pretty nice.

Last year we planned to give away the first part of Magic of Myths in several comic book shops to celebrate the launch of the miniseries. That is, until Corey was struck down with a kidney stone. Ouch. The plan went ahead in the end, albeit about a couple of months later once the stone had passed and Corey was able to stand up again…

In any case, here we are once more, another Free Comic Book Day. And what do we have for you? Well, Magic of Myths is virtually on your doorstep. Not quite, but it launches next week, so you could be reading a copy in seven mere days.  Woo hoo! However, half of the book is available for free to read anyway – if you’ve not already read it, please check it out right here and get a taste of what awaits.

Of course, if you HAVE read it (thanks!), then all we can do is ask a small favour – to celebrate Free Comic Book Day, please do pass around this link and encourage someone to read Magic of Myths. It could be a friend, a family member, your next door neighbour, that guy with the twitch who keeps staring at you when you put out the rubbish, anyone – but it’s totally free and heck, they don’t even need to leave your house.

However, we do love comic book shops – and we’d heartily encourage you to visit Nostalgia and Comics, one of Britain’s longest running comic book shops and full of very nice people. You can find them here:

14-16 Smallbrook
B5 4EN
Phone: 0121 643 0143

They’ll be giving away plenty of free comics, and also have some rather excellent discounts and events going on, so head over and have a great time!

As we’ve previously mentioned, Nostalgia and Comics will be one of the kind comic shops selling Magic of Myths, so you’ll also be able to reserve a copy there if you ask a member of staff. If you subscribe to this site (simply put your email into the subscribe link on the right hand side) we’ll let you know when stock arrives, so all you need to do is pop in and pick up your copy. Easy!

Enjoy Free Comic Book Day!


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