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Magic of Myths: season two news… and a new book June 21, 2012

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So, here we are… and here’s the news, which comes in both good and bad flavours.

First, veggies before dessert. The bad news is that Magic of Myths: season two has slipped into 2013. This is mainly my (Corey) fault – to make the expected launch of late summer meant compromising the script and, in turn, rushing Sergio to complete the artwork, which is unacceptable. There was, at first, a small hope that we would make launch in time for the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds this November, but as time ticked onward, it became clear that this wasn’t viable without making some severe compromises to the story. Again, unacceptable.

So I can only apologise for the delay. We’ll announce a release date for Magic of Myths: season two next year once things are back on track.

However, here’s that dessert I mentioned…

We’re still releasing a Magic of Myths book this year. Which may seem a little crazy, but hear us out.

This November, at Thought Bubble, we’ll be launching the Magic of Myths 2013 preview book. As a little peacemaker and show of appreciation to you guys who have stuck with us and given us so much support, we wanted to create something to keep you going while you wait for the second season of the book. It also gives you some indication of what to expect next year.

So, what will be in this preview book? First of all, a seven-page preview of Magic of Myths: season two. Despite the delay, we have been working on the second season bit by bit, and it’s only fair to share that with you, even at its early stage.

But that’s not all. We’ve a few surprises in store for you as well to make sure this book gives you a fair bit of value for your money. Some exclusive bits… and and a sneaky little something which we’ve yet to announce.

We’ll have more news on all of this, soon – but thanks for your patience and support, as always.


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