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Take a closer look at the first Magic of Myths plush May 30, 2013

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We’ve been teasing you with this the past few weeks, but the cat – okay, maybe ‘bear’ is more accurate – is out of the bag. The wonderfully talented Sara Dunkerton has been hard at work creating a plush version of everybody’s favourite slightly-homicidal-one-eyed-former-king-now-slave, Byron. Here’s what he looks like in the book:

Byron2 Byron3

And here are the latest progress shots from Sara:

Pretty good likeness so far, don’t you think?

Byron features in both Magic of Myths: season one and the forthcoming Magic of Myths: season 2, with a big part to play in season 3… but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet…

We’ll show more progress as Sara gets closer to completing the full model.


We’re counting down to the opening day of our Magic of Myths: season 2 pre-order offer – only one day to go! Find out more by visiting http://wp.me/pSxcG-fe.


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