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Magic of Myths + Netflix = April fool May 7, 2021

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So, before we begin:

Yes – this is an April Fool’s Day image.

No Magic of Myths isn’t being picked up by Netflix (at least, not yet).

Yes – Sergio’s brilliant She-Ra and the Princesses of Power inspired artwork above intentionally says ‘Netfix’ to help clearly express this isn’t real (as well as keep the Netflix legal team from scratching at our door).

And finally, yes, we know it’s May, and not April right now.

This was part of a fun little activity done in collaboration with writer, Audioverse Award winner / 2021 Hugo finalist and all round good egg Alasdair Stuart, who runs a newsletter called The Full Lid (subscribe here: https://mailchi.mp/5a1f74b9a7fd/thefulllid). We were asked to be part of the April Fool’s issue of The Full Lid, where we got to reveal our fantasy announcements and put them out into the universe – which meant we got the opportunity to have some fun pretending that our fantasy adventure series got picked up as an animated series. Yay!

We’re posting this now, a whole month later, so that there’s no confusion on this being a real thing (again, yet – who knows what tomorrow might bring) and:

a) to stop people getting too excited in the process,

b) to stop people then getting annoyed due to it not being real and thinking it was,

c) to prevent issues across any other creative studios that we’re part of, and,

d) so we didn’t step on its generous inclusion in The Full Lid.

But it was a great laugh to be part of (thanks Alasdair and Marguerite!) and we wanted to share the fantastic artwork Sergio did for it.

Here’s to Magic of Myths growing even more in the future…

…for real…


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