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If by Magic… #2 June 1, 2010

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Welcome back to Magic of Myths! If it is indeed your return vist, thank you for dropping by once more. We hope that you enjoy the second issue which is awaiting you right here, titled ‘Lost Echoes’. Eve finds herself in the middle of her second trial where something more than bad childhood memories awaits her…

If it’s your first time here, then you may want to start with the first issue of Magic of Myths which can be read here: http://wp.me/PSxcG-d9. Once you’ve read it you can also get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the first issue here:  https://magicofmyths.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/behind-the-magic-curtain-1/

There’s also the two part series foreword, which provides a little history behind the conception of the miniseries here and here.

Expect another behind the scenes look at Issue two soon, along with a preview of the third issue at the end of the month.

Thanks again for visiting and we hope you enjoy Magic of Myths.


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