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Happy New Year! January 1, 2020

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A massive Happy New Year to you brilliant people – and a massive thanks for all your support, as always.

Mid-2020 onward holds a few surprises in store for Magic of Myths fans, so stay tuned as we slowly reveal a few of the things we’ve been working on during the last 6 months…

Getting back on the magical horse August 15, 2017

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Hi there – it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Sorry for the lack of messages since the last one in 2015. It’s not been an easy couple of years, beset with personal problems which put a lot of things on the back-burner. And, to be honest, things could still do with some improvement.

However, Magic of Myths still lives.

In fact, it’s stronger than ever.

During my absence on this site, Magic of Myths: Faerie has gone on to be the series most successful book, while the series on a whole has continued to sell at conventions such as San Diego Comic Con and Nine Worlds in London. Sergio and I can only express out deepest gratitude for believing in us and the tale we want to tell, as well as massive thank you and appreciation for your support, especially through such a difficult time.

And, your patience will be rewarded.

We’ll have exciting news to share soon, but we’ll keep on keeping on. In the meantime, please do also keep an eye on our official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/magicofmyths/?ref=br_rs

Thanks again and all the best.


What’s going on? This… June 30, 2015

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Sorry for the lack of posts since the launch of Faerie – we’ve been very, very busy trying to sort a few things out and the result was a bit of radio silence which extended far longer than planned.

But the good news is, well, that there’s good news. Which we’ll be sharing with you in dribs and drabs. Stay tuned, there’s a fair bit to go through…

Merry Christmas from the Magic of Myths team! December 24, 2013

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Sorry we’ve not been around since November – we’re planning a few things behind the scenes… but we just want to thank you for all your support and wish you a very Happy Christmas/happy holidays. We hope 2014 brings you plenty of fun and happiness – especially in four colours 😉

We’ve been blessed to have your well wishes, kind words and general support throughout 2013, especially during the launch of Magic of Myths: season two. So a massive thank you again.

There are a couple of announcements we have to make in the New Year, so keep an eye out for them while we’re catching up with our delayed posts…

Rave reviews for Magic of Myths November 19, 2013

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A couple more reviews have come in for Magic of Myths (both seasons one and two):

Utilising a cartoonish art style from Calvet accompanied by witty writing from Brotherson makes this title an easily read, enjoyable piece work… Magic of Myths seamlessly blends modern-day heroism with ancient mythology in a way that only Calliope could counter.

Comic Books and Cookies [read the whole thing here: http://myheartliesinfilmandcomics.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/review-of-magic-of-myths-season-one-by.html ]


I read through both seasons in one sitting and that’s always a clear indicator of a really engaging comic book… The fact that we’re not following a mainstream comic book style heroine in a bikini armour suit immediately earned points for Magic and Myths for me. There’s the overlap of familiar with an attempt to do things differently here. It works.

Geek Native [read the whole thing here: http://www.geeknative.com/42433/pawn-gods-magic-myths-review/ ]

Many thanks to both publications for their kind words and taking the time to review the books.

Magic of Myths is going to Nerdfest! October 4, 2013

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Tomorrow marks the first Nerd Fest Comic Con in Nottingham – hopefully the first of many. Held at the Britannia Hotel (1 St James St, NG1 6BN), Magic of Myths‘ writer Corey Brotherson will be attending on table 835 – you can see the table plan here: http://nerdfestcomiccon.com/images/exhibitortables-web.jpg.

He’ll be selling all things Magic of Myths, so that’s Season 1, Season 2 and the combined edition, at discounted prices – so if you want to grab a copy please swing by and say hi!

S1+S2 cover

Just watch out for the bear…

"Grrr... don't even try it, meat."

“Grrr… don’t even try it, meat.”

Hi-ho hi-ho, to San Diego we go… July 14, 2013

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So, Magic of Myths (and one half of the Magic of Myths team) hits San Diego Comic-Con this week  – we’ll be writing reports for Geek Syndicate, so keep reading here and there for updates!

S1+S2 cover

Pre-order Magic of Myths: season 2 now! May 31, 2013

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£10 (+£2 postage and packaging) – pre-order by clicking here: http://gum.co/sjfk or email magicofmyths@gmail.com

Read an eight-page sample of Magic of Myths: season two right here

By pre-ordering the book, you’ll receive a LIMITED EDITION copy of Magic of Myths: season two, delivered to you for launch day on 26th July 2013.

This consists of:

  • The main story (67 pages, across four chapters – that’s over twice the story material of season one) and the following extras:
  • A special, limited edition cover (of which you can see an early version above)
  • Seven pin-ups (with some of the artwork you’ve seen on this very site) by Magic of Myths artist, Sergio Calvet
  • A sketchbook section
  • The full script to Issue three (which is the big turning point) of season two, along with commentary from the creative team
  • A free digital version of the book

New to Magic of Myths and want season one as well?

Get all the above AND season one for just £15 (this price includes P&P)



Click to enlarge

Order the Magic of Myths season one and season two bundle here: http://gum.co/oFDes

Once we stop taking pre-orders on 1st July 2013, the Limited Edition of the book will NO LONGER BE IN PRINT. You’ll still be able to buy Magic of Myths: season two after that, but it’ll be the regular edition *without* the above extras.

Pre-order by clicking here: http://gum.co/sjfk or email magicofmyths@gmail.com

Magic of Myths: season two cover art and release date May 13, 2013

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We’re nearly there…

We’ll be opening up the Magic of Myths: season two pre-orders at the end of the month, but in the run-up we’ll be revealing what you can expect for the second entry of this  fantasy graphic novel series. The first is the cover:

Season 2 cover

Tempus‘ is the sub-title of season two – why, will become clear when you read it…

As for that release date:

Magic of Myths: season two launches on 26 July 2013. So, just a couple months off.

We’ll be taking pre-orders by the end of May, where we’ll be offering you the chance to own a very special copy of the book.

Make sure you don’t miss out – register your interest by sending an email to magicofmyths@gmail.com.

In honour of Ray Harryhausen, 1920-2013 May 7, 2013

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It’s important to pay credit where it’s due.

Ray Harryhausen has passed away. The man, whose genius help make fantasy and mythology on the big screen a very real, very magical thing, inspired generations with his work. The impossible, made possible through his hands and imagination.

He was a giant in special effects and SFX direction. And simply put, without Ray Harryhausen, there would be no Magic of Myths. Nor, we imagine, would there be a lot of other works out there that we enjoy today.

Good night and thank you, Mr Harryhausen.