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A big thanks from the Magic of Myths team November 22, 2011

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Thought Bubble came… and went. And it was fantastic.

Magic of Myths at Thought Bubble

Magic of Myths writer Corey Brotherson was there, sharing a table with the very talented Skal creator Jennie Gyllblad (who is also the artist/co-creator of several projects Corey is working on, including Clockwork Watch, Bayou Arcana: Irons in the Fire and Butterflies and Moths) and Magic of Myths: season one  sold well, and there was lots of positive feedback.

We can only say a massive thank you to everyone who passed by the table, had a chat, picked up a bookmark or purchased a copy of the book. Without your support we’d never got this far, so thank you so much.

We’ll hope to keep going as we enter 2012, with Magic of Myths: season two in the works. Let’s see where it takes us… and Eve…


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