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Final Magic of Myths: Faerie character pencil sketches April 11, 2014

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Some final character sketches from Magic of Myths: Faerie before we show off a little bit of colour…


Mercury – click to enlarge


Hermes – click to enlarge


“Greenie” – click to enlarge

These are the last three main characters of Magic of Myths: Faerie – Mercury, Hermes and “Greenie”. While they have small parts in the story, their actions are significant.

Those who are familiar with Magic of Myths to date will know it involves Greek and Roman deities co-existing, and this story marks the first appearance of Hermes (Greek messenger, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports; guide to the Underworld) and Mercury (Roman messenger, god of financial gain, travelers, luck, trickery, thieves; guide to the Underworld). Both are visiting Faerie, and neither leaves the same by the end of the tale – something which impacts the events seen in Magic of Myths: season two.

“Greenie”, on the other hand, is entirely new to Magic of Myths. He’s our version of the archetypical nature deity and the sage of Faerie. Robin relies on him for advice, which is something very much required given the events of the story…


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