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Magic of Myths: Faerie launches at the Birmingham Comics Festival April 18, 2015

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It’s out!


You can now buy a copy of Magic of Myths: Faerie right now – either via our mail order links below or pick up a copy today at the Birmingham Comics Festival from 9am to 6pm. Come on over and say hi!

Magic of Myths: Faerie consists of:

  • The main story (21 pages) and the following extras:
  • Two pin-ups (with some of the artwork you’ve seen on this very site) by Magic of Myths artist, Sergio Calvet
  • The full script

Review snippets:

“The end result is a beautiful book, one that honours its subject matter and provides a perfect on ramp to the larger story being told. Corey and Sergio are two of the best creators in the industry and this is some of their best work. Pick it up, and the rest of Magic of Myths, and find out just how good they are.” – Travelling Man

“I loved it… I smiled broadly at Calvet and Corey’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s Puck as a feisty forthwright feminist – her appearance too is very unique and refreshing – not conforming to usual stereotypical ideas of a what a female hero should look like.” – Elf Lyons

“Overall? It’s a very solid entry into the Magic of Myths series, serving well as an entry point for new fans while also holding a lot of appeal for those already invested.”  – Geek Pride

Read a two-page preview here: https://magicofmyths.com/2015/03/20/read-a-two-page-preview-of-magic-of-myths-faerie/

Buy Magic of Myths: Faerie by clicking here: http://gum.co/sjfk or email magicofmyths@gmail.com


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