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Magic of Myths #1 special edition out of stock! June 16, 2010

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Well, we can’t say we were expecting this.

Our free limited edition paperback of Magic of Myths #1, which was available from comic shops Orbital Comics in London and Nostalgia and Comics in Birmingham have all gone within days of them being on the racks. There wasn’t a massive print run, but it’s been a wonderful surprise to hear they went down so well and so quickly – to the point where we wish we had shipped more comics to them! Thank you so much if you ventured out to get a copy.

So this entry was originally going to be promoting the newest batch of the special edition arriving at Nostalgia and Comics, but they told me all of the issues flew out the shop within the first day.  Apologies if you missed out, although if we have any left over stock from our promotional pile we may do a little competition or something to give away the few left. Keep an eye out…

In any case,  because Nostalgia and Comics‘ supply ran out we didn’t get to promote the shop as planned and promised, so this to make up for it because it’s my favourite comic book shop on the entire planet and deserves your support, as does Orbital Comics.

So, as we did before, here are the details for Nostalgia and Comics, one of the longest running and esteemed comic book shops in the country – check them out:

Nostalgia and Comics

14-16 Smallbrook Queensway,
B5 4EN

0121 643 0143

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Of course, this won’t be your last chance to read a paper based version of Magic of Myths – we’ll be creating a short graphic novel of the entire story once its done (containing all six issues) later in the year, into 2011.  Make sure you don’t miss that, but in the meantime have you read issue one and two yet? Issue three is just around the corner…


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