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Bringing Magic of Myths into 2014 – in with the new (book)? February 17, 2014

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So, our slightly delayed (sorry) updated.

Despite the radio silence, we’ve not been resting on our laurels. Quite the opposite, in fact – and since the launch of Magic of Myths: season two and Magic of Myths omnibus (combined edition) we’ve been working on various other projects and planning our next steps for the series.

It was during this planning a few things became clear.

Veggies before dessert, then. First, the bad news. Our prose story, Magic of Myths: Devil’s Trade, has been ‘cancelled’ and folded into Magic of Myths: season three. This, in essence, doesn’t change things too much – the parts that were already written for Devil’s Trade (as well as its main storyline) still work perfectly within season three. The reasons for this decision were numerous. Devil’s Trade was meant to be a ‘side story’ that tied into the build up for season three. The idea was to explore V and Byron’s relationship before we go on another adventure with them in the third season of the series, but as time progressed we realised that the momentum had gone and it was a story better suited to be told – in a slightly more concise fashion – while you were reading season three itself. The narrative structure made sense and it created even more drama for the main story once it was combined.

It also meant that people reading Devil’s Trade would have the instant gratification of seeing these characters develop within the same pages, and see the juxtaposition of their past and present journeys. On top of all that, it would create a Watchmen style ‘prose sitting with comic book’ meta-narrative that fits right in with one of the series’ themes as well, something which will become clear when you read it, as season three changes the direction of the story in big ways.

Which leads to our next bit of news. Magic of Myths: season three won’t be out until 2015.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but ultimately it was the right one. Between our full time work commitments, our other work-for-hire comic book projects and the sheer size of season three (which will likely be around the size of season one and two put together) it simply wasn’t feasible to create the book, let alone make it as good as we want to make it, in 2014. We can only apologise for the delay, but we do hope it will be worth the wait and you’ll be as happy with the final book as we aim to be.

The good news?

Well, we’d hate to leave you hanging with nothing, so we’re putting together a smaller, Magic of Myths side story for 2014, called Magic of Myths: Faerie. It’s already within development and due to its size it’s something we can commit to for this year without disrupting season three or anything else on the cards, while giving you a Magic of Myths story to enjoy while you wait. It has direct influence on the series’ main storyline (something which may not be entirely clear for all but the eagle-eyed) and offers big clues towards forthcoming story elements and plotlines. If you’ve read Magic of Myths: season two you may remember the Witches speak of the ‘fall of Faerie’. This is the story which takes a look into how that happened and why it’s important to our main character, Eve…

We’ll be giving Magic of Myths: Faerie a full unveiling in the coming months, along with a release date and artwork.

Thanks for your patience and support.


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